A powerful reporting dashboard for your Google Search Console data.

View your search console data in beautiful charts that give you and your team actionable insights.

Google search console bar chart view

It’s time you take control of your search data.

View your Search Console data the way you’ve always wanted to. New reporting views that give you truly actionalble insights so your company can make informed decisions at each turn.

Search console bar chart

Every feature is made with your goals in mind.

We put a lot of thought into every feature we build. Our private beta will be invite only so we can team up with some great companies of every size and work with them to build the best product possible.

You pay attention to the details, so do we :)
Google search console wasn't cutting it for our team so we built something better.
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We're building the important stuff that’s missing from Google Search Console.


Beautiful data visualizations

More ways to view your data with different chart types (bar, line, stacked) month-to-month, quarterly, growth trends, impressions share.


Powerful data filtering and sorting

View your Search data any way you want to with powerful table views that allow you to narrow down the data points you are interested in.


Filter stats by branded, unbranded, and competitor keywords.

These three different types of search are important to show how you are driving traffic based on your brand recognition, searches without your brand name in them, and finally competitor searches to help you rank in searches with your competitors brand names or keywords.


Better interface and user experience

Sorry Google, we don’t love the new Search Console, and we're not alone. We want to give users the full freedom to explore their search data, rather than an extremely limited feature set.


Export and share charts easily with your team

Export snapshots of any chart, or use integrations for Slack, email, Zapier, and custom webhooks to get automated updates.


Direct customer support line

If you run into trouble or have feedback about our product, you’ll have a direct line to our support team that can help you every step of the way.

Our pricing is simple and affordable

We believe in pricing that works for every size of company. None of this "Starter plan for $500/month" nonsense.

$10/month per property

(custom pricing may apply for properties with high search volume)

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